1. What is NASGW?
The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers is comprised of wholesalers, manufacturers, and independent sales reps, media and service providers - both national and international - all of whom are primarily involved with fishing, hunting and shooting sports equipment and accessories.

2. Who is eligible to join NASGW?
Any individual, corporation, organization, association, club or partnership who, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, will further the objectives of the NASGW may be admitted to membership.

3. What types of business services are available through NASGW?
NASGW members enjoy a variety of services including discounts on FedEx; discounts on merchant credit card services; and more... for additional information click on the “Services & Benefits” tab.

4.  What are the categories of membership?
• Wholesale Distributor Members
• Manufacturer/Importer Members Associate Members
• Independent Manufacturer Representatives Associate Members
• Media / Publisher Associate Members – trade press and other interested parties in the media,
• International Members: Those companies located outside of the US and its possessions
• Service and Supplier Associate Members: For those firms who provide a service to the industry

As a trade association for wholesale distributors and their suppliers, NASGW does not have category of membership for dealers.

5. What other organizations are you affiliated with?
NASGW is affiliated with many other industry related organizations including the National Association of Wholesale Distributors (NAW), the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the Hunting Heritage Trust (HHT), the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation CSF). We also maintain liaisons with the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Administration) and work with both state and federal regulators on matters affecting the industry and our member firms.

6. Do I have to be an NASGW member to take advantage of these services or benefits?

7. How do I become a member of NASGW?
To apply for membership online; go to the “Apply for Membership” tab, click the classification of membership being applied for, and follow the instructions.
8. How much are annual dues?
Dues are based on the classification of membership. Dues are paid annually and cover a fiscal year from Feb 1st to Jan 31st. Current dues schedule is available upon request. For those companies joining the association near year end, please contact the association office. Once you submit your application for membership, you will be notified of this status of your application and the dues category that applies to your application.

9. Where can I find information about NASGW members?
To find NASGW’s current membership by classification, go to the “Membership Directory” tab, click on the desired membership classification and follow the search instructions.

10. Where can I find information about NASGW’s newletters?
Current and archived copies of the association’s newsletters can be obtained by clicking on the “NASGW Newsletter” tab. From here one can also subscribe to receive issues via mail and to receive “NASGW InSight” an electronic monthly informational publication.
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11. Where can I find information about NASGW's Annual Meeting/EXPO?
Current NASGW Annual Meeting/EXPO information may be obtained by clicking on the “Events” tab.

12. Do I have to be an NASGW member to attend the Annual Meeting/EXPO?
Yes, in order to attend and participate in the annual NASGW Meeting/EXPO, one must be a member in good standing and NASGW membership dues must be current.

13. What is unique about the NASGW Annual Meeting/EXPO?
NASGW’s Annual Meeting/EXPO provides a business forum for the industry to, introduce new products, meet and network with company principals, and meet with wholesale distributors to discuss marketing and sales tactics for the following year.

“The NASGW is the most important show of the year for distributors. It allows us to get pricing and product information ready for our dealer shows the first week of January, and without this show, we wouldn’t have the information until the SHOT Show in February,” (quote from Hewitt Grant, President and CEO Elletts Bros.)"

14. How does one secure booth space at the NASGW’s Annual Meeting/EXPO?
To apply for booth space at NASGW’s Annual Meeting/EXPO; contact Kelly Smykal at ksmykal@nasgw.org to secure an exhibitor package.

15. How does one secure space to hold manufacturer sales meetings?
Space is available to NASGW member companies for the purpose of holding annual meetings at no charge. To arrange for space and secure a meeting space request form; contact Meg Pawelski at mpawelski@nasgw.org.

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