The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers is comprised of wholesalers, manufacturers, independent sales reps, industry media, organizations and service providers - both national and international - all of whom are primarily involved with hunting and shooting sports equipment and accessories.

NASGW is the organizer and sponsor of the industry's former Hunting Show, now known as the NASGW Annual Meeting/Expo Event. This annual event provides an unmatched educational, marketing and communications opportunity for the hunting and shooting sports wholesaler, manufacturer, media and sales professional.





The NASGW Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Kenyon Gleason as its new President, succeeding Maurice (Moe) Desmarais who is retiring at the end of January.
What will demand look like in 2015 and beyond? How do businesses plan for and manage this demand? These were some of the questions posed to five industry expert panelists during a NASGW sponsored webinar provided by Growth Strategy Partners.
With the ever occurring changes in our industry, our customers and retailers are constantly evaluating their current relationships with each other including their suppliers, i.e., us. There’s no better time for us to be sure we’re continuing to be a valuable partner in the supply chain, even beyond our ability to offer products.