Housing Information

All attendees and exhibitors can now make their room reservations for the 2014 NASGW Expo & 41st Annual Meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas. In order to receive the NASGW room rate please make your reservations through the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau by following this link. If you would like to reserve 10 or more rooms, please contact Penny Nagel at (501) 370-3237. Reservations are available at a variety of hotels all within a short distance to the Statehouse Convention Center.

Marriott Hotel (Headquarters), Comfort Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, Doubletree Hotel, The Capital Hotel, Holiday Inn Presidential, Hampton Inn, Residence Inn, Wyndham



Sham housing companies may approach NASGW members and exhibitors with fraudulent offerings of hotel rooms at significant discounts. Lured by highly attractive rates, exhibitors and attendees fall prey to these imposters losing significant deposits, discovering hidden costs, up front charges or being bait and switched to hotel rooms they never booked.

Of course, these companies are in no way affiliated with NASGW, or the official hotels in Little Rock, Arkansas. They troll the internet and association web sites looking for annual events and then gain access to email addresses for direct contact or draw attendees to their web sites posing as your association’s sanctioned housing provider. Do not give them your credit card information.

The Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau is the ONLY official housing company for this event and will not contact you directly to make a reservation. Booking through NASGW’s official housing provider ensures you will be working with a reputable service, that your credit card information is secure, and that you will benefit from all services provided to NASGW attendees at the official hotels including shuttle transportation to the convention center.

If you are contacted by anyone asking if you need a room reservation for the NASGW 2014, or if they represent themselves as the “NASGW housing provider,” please get as much information as you can, then contact Penny Nagel at the Convention Bureau (pnagel@littlerock.com) or call 501-370-3237.

Why Stay at the NASGW Meeting Hotels?

NASGW has secured room blocks for attendees and exhibitors at a variety of hotels to meet all tastes and budgets. These participating hotels are providing discounted rates to you based on a guaranteed percentage of attendees staying in these official annual meeting and expo hotels.

When you book your room via the Little Rock Convention Bureau you will receive the following benefits:

  • Immediate email acknowledgement of your hotel assignment;
  • Peace of mind that you have a reservation at an “official” NASGW hotel at the discounted rate
  • Protection in the event the hotel has oversold guest rooms
  • And much more!

When rooms are booked at hotels that are NOT within our official hotel block and/or you do not use the Bureau’s service:

  • NASGW is exposed to penalties for not fulfilling our room block commitments, by avoiding hotel penalties, NASGW is able to keep show costs down
  • NASGW risks our ability to rebook preferred hotels and receive discounted rates
  • NASGW risks losing qualification for the amount of space needed at the convention center
  • NASGW is unable to assist in the event a reservation can’t be located in the hotel’s system
  • NASGW is unable to help protect reservations in the event the hotel “oversells” its room inventory

Please support NASGW by staying at the official hotels. We think you will find the increased networking opportunities, quality hotel services and amenities, and provided transportation to be well worth it!

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