Special Bulletin from NASGW and NSSF

As you may already know, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is leading a coalition to repeal Sunday hunting "Blue Laws" in 11 states (See http://sundayhunting.org/). Currently the focus is on trying to move a bill in Pennsylvania. It is "crunch time" for that bill.

Toward that end, NSSF is sending the attached flyer to all FFLs in PA and encouraging them to spread the word to their customers. NSSF has asked us to encourage ours members to electronically forward the PA Sunday Hunting flyer to their PA FFL customers with a Call to Action -- to share the flyer with their customers, i.e. leave copies on the counter, put a copy in a bag at check out, post inside their stores, email it to their customers, etc.

The grassroots support for repealing the ban on Sunday hunting is our collective goal. The bill would simply give the PA Fish & Game Commission the authority to permit Sunday hunting. It does not mandate Sunday hunting.

You can do just about anything else on Sunday, fish, play tennis, golf, etc.Hunters should have the right to decide whether they want to hunt on Sunday -- not the Legislature. There is additional information on the Sunday Hunting website including a Sunday Hunting Economic Impact study that shows repealing the old "Blue law" that bans Sunday hunting in PA would generate:

Jobs: 8,193
Total Jobs Impact: $246 Million
Total Economic Impact: $764 Million

For further information, contact:

Lawrence G. Keane, Senior Vice President, Assistant Secretary
& General Counsel, National Shooting Sports Foundation
P: 203-426-1320, lkeane@nssf.org, www.nssf.org

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