Housing Option for NASGW Expo & 41st Annual Meeting

All attendees and exhibitors can now make their room reservations for the 2014 NASGW Expo & 41st Annual Meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas. In order to receive the NASGW room rate please make your reservations through the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau by following this link

How Does the Market View The Sustainability of Current Firearms Company Profit Levels?

Over the past several years, consumer demand for firearms has risen dramatically, as evidenced by surging background checks and strong sales for companies selling into the recreational markets. Many causes have supported this phenomenon, including increased popularity of recreational shooting, greater product availability, and regulatory threats.

Best Practices: Demand Response

One of the most effective and widely available ways for sporting goods wholesalers and manufacturers to reduce electricity costs and consumption is participation in demand response programs; however, a large gap exists between interest levels and actual participation in such programs.

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